The Language Codes

The Language Codes

R. Neville Johnston


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The author of Eleven Self-Empowerment Protocols shares the secret to drawing greater happiness into your life just by choosing the right words.
Building on the principles of neuro-linguistic programming, The Language Codes demonstrates the unconscious ways we influence our reality through the words we speak. R. Neville Johnston explains that the vibrations of words have a profound effect on the quantum field we all live in. The wrong vibration can cause a short circuit in the quantum field, and because we’ve been taught a dysfunctional language, most of what we say is dysfunctional. But if we speak more consciously, we become more conscious—and we experience fewer short circuits in our lives
Why is it that after we "fall in love," so many of us get hurt? Because we "fell!" But love feels light, energizing—so it would be more fitting to say "I've ascended in love!" and not set ourselves up for a fall. With wit and empathy, Johnston shows us the words and phrases that can cause short circuits and how we can start to think—and speak—in a new and more harmonious paradigm.